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Name Peters Family
Favorite Movie Girl's Trip
Location Bethlehem, PA

Beck's Drive Inn is Awesome! It's perfect if you have kids that do not like to sit still. We haven't been able to go to the sit down inside theaters, because we have a 1 year old. This helps my husband and I get out and saves us skip out on the babysitter part : )

Name Jonathan Maurer
Favorite Movie
Location Schnecksville PA

Ive been going to beckys drive in for 2 years now and it is a fun place to go with friends and family. Great food and good movies

Name Matthew White
Favorite Movie Ted 2 Horrible Bosses Bad Santa
Location Allentown PA & Macungie PA


Name Michael
Favorite Movie I have a lot of favorites.
Location Walnutport, PA

Almost every single friday night, my family comes to see some amazing movies. Most of the time, we either bring our 71' Cadillac Coupe Deville, or our newer 41' Chevy Coupe Deluxe. You might even see us sometimes! Our Cadillac is gold, and our Chevy is Dark Mica Blue, which looks purple. It also has ghost flames. We have been coming here for years now, and each and every time we loved it! The staff are very nice, and we are actually going tonight to see despicible me 3! See you there!

Name Penny Leavesly
Favorite Movie Wizard of Oz
Location Philadelphia

Just experienced Becky's for the time this weekend. We had a wonderful time. the property is highly maintained and run smoothly. I can't wait to go back!

Name Ruthanne
Favorite Movie Lots
Location Shady Lane, Pa

Just moved to the area and reading Shane and Lisa Gelsebach message I can not wait to enjoy the Drive-in... Thank for the wonderful review...

Name Bea Flanagan
Favorite Movie Alien
Location Phoenixville

Forget the rest...BECKY'S The Best! I'd love a little Alien Resurrection

Name Jae
Favorite Movie
Location Bethlehem, pa

I've been going to Becky's Drive In since I was a kid and I still enjoy it today. Always a great time!!!

Name Jacqueline J Scherer
Favorite Movie Spiderman
Location Beckeys

I love the Drive In because is is something you can enjoy outdoors with your whole family

Name Shane and Lisa Gelsebach
Favorite Movie too many to mention!
Location Green Lane, PA

We are a "fixture" at Becky's and feel like family and are treated like family, too! Cindy always has a smile on her face and greets us whenever she has a spare minute. I always make a point to say Hi to Barbara who slaves over the grill making delicious hot dogs and burgers. The very best fruit bowls later in the season with 8-10 different fruits in them. Delicious!!!! We LOVE Becky's Drive In and have been coming for years! Dusk til Dawn is a favorite as is Becky's anniversary, the Hollingshead Celebration and the Fireworks are out of this world! Best ones around that I've seen. I could go on and on. For First-timers, make sure you bring chairs, blankets (or buy a Becky's blanket!!), hoodies (or buy a Becky's hoodie), coats, gloves, scarves, warm shoes and socks, and just be prepared because it gets cool at night when one is sitting still and not moving at all. Bring a towel also because sometimes it gets dewey and wet. I sometimes get a look when it gets cold at night (early in the season) when I'm all bundled up and some have shorts and flip flops on, making comments like, "I didn't think it would get this cold." Yes, I come prepared now. WE just LOVE Becky's -- the best place to spend the night under the stars! We got small MP3 players and headphones and have our own personal stereo system for listening to the movies. It is a wonderful thing, let me tell ya. Pets are allowed and that is so cool. We have seen so many different animals over the years, exotic, too! See you tomorrow night under the stars! Screen One, here we come!

Name lise
Favorite Movie

This was our first drive-in. We had a great time. The prices were managable (unlike a closed in theatre), the workers were very nice (and patient...thank you)...we had a wonderful night. What I would do differently is leave the house earlier and bring chairs so the kids could sit outside.

Name Natasha C Wolfe
Favorite Movie

Have always loved it here. Great time, good food and all around great entertainment. Thank you for all the years of enjoyment, may beckys last forever!!!

Name Amey Hoagland
Favorite Movie Porkys
Location Alpha, NJ

I've been comming to Beckys Drive-IN for so many years now. My kids love the play ground n food! It's nice n clean too! Best place round, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GUYS!!!

Name John M.
Favorite Movie The Godfather
Location Lansdale

We love coming to Becky's every year.

Name Donna-Marie
Favorite Movie All the Minions Movies
Location Milford

I love your drive-in. You have a good variety of movies, great food, cool souvenirs and your property is well kept with super clean rest rooms. It's always an adventure to see a movie there. Thank you for making it such a pleasurable place.

Name Jeneane
Favorite Movie too many to list
Location Lehigh Valley

I have been bringing my kids to Becky's since they were babies and now they are bringing all of their friends. We just love this place!

Name Renee Smith
Favorite Movie Boondock Saints
Location Oxford N.J

It's a perfect weekend adventure. Saturday night I get to watch a couple movies and my husband gets to sleep. This year I hope to be on time for trunk or treat!

Name Dexter's Mom
Favorite Movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder version)
Location Forty Fort, PA

We love coming to Becky's and bring our well-behaved dog with us. We come because you are pet friendly and thank you for it. We love the adult dramas so that adults without human kids can have fun, too. See you soon under the stars.

Name Bernadine
Favorite Movie aliens
Location Oxford NJ

my husband and I love Beckys

Name Angelina Privitera
Favorite Movie too many to list
Location Bally/Boyertown

My boyfriend and I LOVE Becky's drive in! We tried it for the first time last summer and it was an amazing experience! We can't wait to go a ton this summer! :)