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Name dear angry parents

so you are saying that if someone dresses trashy that they are a bad person. don't judge a book by its cover. and remember what you might think is trashy might not be for someone else. if you don't think the movie is a family movie then don't take your children to see it. as someone else said it's only a movie. your children see just as much skin going to the mall.

Name Mary Jones
Location USA

Great site. I will bookmark for my sons to view as well

Name angry parents

Well..we think that in todays society, people are too concerned about how people look instead of who they are on the inside. Does anyone else agree with us on dressing too trashy?

Name angry parents

My opinion is...I really dont think that the movie, Dukes of Hazzard is an appropriate movie to show at the drive in. My husband and I bing our chldren to Becky's once a week.....and the way Jessica Simpson dresses is very innapropriate. I would never let my daughter wear thr things that she wears. The Drive INN is supposed to be family oriented....and thats just my 2 cents.

Name dear angry parents

if you instill good values to your children (and i'm not saying the you don't) you shouldn't have to worry about want jessica simpson is wearing in the movie.

Name Joel
Location effort PA

i think that the drive in is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! me and my friends plan on going back any time we want to see a movie... and for the lady who complained about jessica simpsons clothing in dukes of hazard..... its just a movie..

Name barbara daddesa

i would love to come to the theater. its been a long time since my husband and i went to a DRIVE IN how do i know what is playing ?

Name The Moran's
Favorite Movie Any at Becky's
Location Mt. Bethel

Thanks for all you do!!!!

Name Linda Hagan
Location Easton Pa

Lived in Easton all my life. Made my first trip to Becky's a couple weeks ago with my son's first ever drive-in experiance. We will be coming back! Thank you!

Name Jo Vishio
Favorite Movie JAWS
Location Pottstown, PA

Hi! I have been looking at your website for about 2 years now hoping to make it to see a movie. Well, I finally did! I took my daughter and mom. We had fun and will be back again soon. It was nice to tell my daughter stories of when I was young and went to the drive in with my family. Thank you. Jo

Name DJ
Favorite Movie The Butterfly Effect
Location Hellertown

It's great to come to a drive in again! I love the atmosphere and the atitude at Becky's! Went to see Batman Begins and The Longest Yard. The IMAX screening of Batman Begins was amazing! I still can't get over the clarity of the FM Radio compared to the old speakers! Prices are cheaper than the regular multiplexes (for both admission and concessions) and you get to see two movies, in the comfort of your own car...with freedoms you don't have at any multiplex! Keep up the great work Becky's! I'll definetly come again!

Name Yvette
Location Kunkletown

This is our second year going to Becky's and we love it. We hope to have many more years of enjoyment at Becky's.

Name Matthew
Favorite Movie While You Were Sleeping
Location California

Thanks for keeping a Drive-In open when we are losing so many. Also keep up the good work

Name kiss
Location Albrightsville, Pa

evertime i come there with the family we truly have an awesome time..

Name Alyssa

Me, my brother, mom and dad always go to beckys..we love it there and they are always playing really good movies...they also have the animals there and they pony rides n such...x33

Name Julia

I moved out of the Allentown area this year, but when I come back to visit, I look up Becky's. Took my guy there to see Madagascar, we had a blast and he enjoyed being at a drive-in for the first time in a LONG time.

Name Bill the DI Guy
Favorite Movie Comedies (too many to name!)
Location Downingtown, PA

Looking forward to go to your Drive In again this year. We made the trip twice last year with our dogs-they love to go too! We're seeing Madagascar (the dogs picked this one) this coming weekend. Shame that Philly & nearby surrounding area have no more drive-ins; it's the best way to see a movie!! I found a great web site for drive-ins called:, where you can check for drive-ins in your state - of course if there are any left. Thanks to Becky a great time always!

Name Mark from Nazareth
Location Nazareth, Pa

I can't believe there is still a drive in on this planet. Knowing what real estate goes for now, wondered why u have not sold out to a developer. But HEY, thanks for being there and carrying on the family tradition of a drive in. Today's kids have video games which we did not have but we had drive-in movie theaters back then - oh but wait - there is Becky's. Have not been there yet, but planning a trip to see the movies. Good luck Becky's and thanks again. Mark

Name Mary Kate McCaughey
Favorite Movie Willy WOnka and the Chocolate Factory
Location Philadelphia, PA

Every weekend we spend in the Pocono mountains at my parents campground, we go to Becky's. This coming Memorial Day weekend we are so excited for our visit. The Drive In is the best way to see movies and we have none to go to in Philadelphia. Thank you so much for continuing with this great family tradition!

Name Melissa Cody
Location Gilbertsville, PA

I was so happy to find you! I grew up on drive in movies, and now have had the chance to introduce my 7 yr old to them - and he thought it was the greatest! We'll be back for sure!