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Name Angelina Privitera
Favorite Movie Norbit and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Location Boyertown, PA

Becky's is my favorite place ever!!! My family and I have been going here for a few years now and I would chose this place over a movie theater any day! LOVE LOVE LOVE BECKY'S!!!

Name Amanda Tagye
Favorite Movie Clueless
Location Leonardtown, MD

I've been visiting since I was a kid and am so excited to bring my daughter this summer for her first time.

Name Allen Rench
Favorite Movie Toy Story
Location Mechanicsville

Great place!

Name Jason
Favorite Movie Unhinged
Location Lebanon

Brought wife and grandson to watch movies 2020 and ot was better than goibg to tje theater. Cant wait for the next season.

Name sophia
Favorite Movie the departed
Location west chester

thank you becky’s for being the greatest part of summer! i always have a great time here and have so much fun. drive ins are truly an amazing experience that never gets old!!! and becky’s always has amazing service and movies.

Favorite Movie JAWS


Name Emma Mallory
Favorite Movie Too many to choose
Location Stewartsville, NJ

I've come here at least 5 times a year for the past 10 years. Hands down an awesome place and incredible experience. Absolutely love it here!

Name Joanne and Joanne
Favorite Movie The Godfather
Location Lansdale, PA

No summer is complete without at least one trip to Becky's. We have been to about a dozen different drive-ins this year and put a lot of miles on the car, but Becky's is still our favorite. By far the best we've been to.

Name Stacy Ruth
Favorite Movie To many to have a favorite
Location Montgomery county

I love this place. Great movies good times!

Name Sims Family
Favorite Movie METALLICA Drive In Concert
Location Glendora & Mt Ephraim, NJ

Great Time

Name Paul Starling
Favorite Movie Matrix
Location Elkins Park, PA

Becky’s had incredible sound and picture. We have such a great time there. And the staff was so friendly. Awesome quarantine activity! here is literally no better way to enjoy a movie, let alone 2 for the price less than what a normal theater would cost. The atmosphere is absolutely amazing, so many friendly people looking forward to helping you and make your movie watching experience that much better!

Name Richie Montalvo Jr
Favorite Movie
Location Lehigh Township

Remember going here when I was a kid. I should go back at some point.

Name Chrystian
Favorite Movie La La Land
Location Matawan, NJ

An incredible experience. I love seeing movies at a theater. One of my favorite things to do in the world, and I haven’t been able to do it for almost 5 months now. Becky’s had incredible sound and picture. The snacks were so affordable compared to competitors. And the staff was so friendly. Hope I can make it back some day.

Name Dave
Favorite Movie American graffiti
Location Schnecksville

Awesome place! We have such a great time there.

Name Sasha marvelous
Favorite Movie

Awesome quarantine activity!

Name Tim Laconis
Favorite Movie
Location Downingtown,PA

This place is awesome. It brings back memories of when I was a child growing up in Norristown over forty years ago.

Name Teri
Favorite Movie Soylent Green
Location Willow Grove

Planning a trip this summer!

Name Jacqueline Scherer
Favorite Movie All the Avenger movies
Location Allentown pa.

So love spending time with the family at Becky's didn't there last year it was really missed due to back surgery but plan on making up for it this year.

Name Pam Loher
Favorite Movie Point Break
Location Denver,PA

Used to live. Near Beckys. Love this place. Will you be open Mother’s Day?

Name Sunny J Koch-Frey
Favorite Movie All of The Avengers movies
Location Lehighton

Absolutely love this drive in, we go nearly every weekend. We love watching a movie here, you get so into the movies, that the rest of the world seems to melt away , and its just you and the screen in front of you! The atmosphere is absolutely amazing, so many friendly people looking forward to helping you and make your movie watching experience that much better!